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Our Team

  • Owner/General Manager

  • Nursery Leader

  • Level 5 Early Years Foundation Degree

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Level 3 NVQ Assessor

  • Inclusive Playworker

  • Paediatric First Aider

  • Manager

  • Masters Degree in Early Years Education

  • Early Years Teacher

  • Senior SENCO

  • Deputy Safeguarding Lead

  • Paediatric First Aider


"I love working with early years children to watch them grow, develop and flourish. It is such an important time in their life where they start to interact with others, develop their own personalities and form relationships. Being a part of their early years journey is a privilege and one that brings me great joy and a sense of achievement."

"Working with children is wonderful! I love working in childcare because I have the opportunity to celebrate the little things every day. I believe that my role is critical to children's development and to prepare them for their transition to school. The most rewarding part for me is to be able to enjoy their achievements and watch their independence grow."

  • Nursery Leader

  • Level 3 Early Years Practitioner Apprentice

  • Paediatric First Aider


"I find working in early years is a rewarding experience as children begin to grow, achieve their goals and truly become such funny little characters."

  • Level 3 Early Years Practitioner

  • Preschool Early Years Educator

  • Paediatric First Aider

  • Nursery Assistant

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